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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

The sailing school for adults

Private lessons, getting a license, lessons on your own ship... It's all possible! The staff of Sailing School Naarden are ready to teach you all about sailing, so that you can have more fun on the water.

Lesson on your own boat

Do you have a new boat and would you like to enjoy it to the fullest? Then lessons on your own boat might be something for you. In one day we will teach you tips and tricks so that you can find out the best way to sail on your own boat. Technique, trimming and man overboard are topics that will be discussed.

Private lessons 

In case of a private lesson you can indicate to the instructor what you would like to practice. The lesson will be fully tailored to your own preferences. An advantage of private lessons is that you can practice at your own pace. 

Practicing for a License

Getting a license isn't just learning theory. This theory must be put into practice and during this course you will be taught how to apply the theory you have learned to your ship. This lesson can be done on your own ship as well as on a ship of the sailing school. 


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