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Buying a boat with complete confidence

And then the moment arrives when you want to remain at the helm … If sailing is in your blood, then you can indulge yourself (and your boat) at Wehmeyer Yacht Brokers. You are very welcome to visit the wonderful Wehmeyer ‘shop’ at the marina park.  You can view their collection of more than 50 boats and – of course – try one out.

Professional purchases and sales

When buying or selling a boat, it’s best to make use of the services of a professional ship broker. They match supply and demand and can make a good estimation of what you are looking for – or need. Piet-Hein Wehmeyer is fully qualified and has 20 years’ experience of working as a ship broker.

International business

Piet-Hein Wehmeyer has a very extensive professional network at home and abroad. Useful, because many boats these days are sold abroad. The financial, practical and legal aspects of selling and purchasing abroad?  Wehmeyer provides advice, takes care of the arrangements and ensures that you do good business.

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