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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

Safe and sound the whole winter!

The boat shed is the ideal place – summer and winter – to store a boat that you would rather not leave unattended outdoors. Safe, dry and easy to access using a special mooring system with no rear posts (easy ‘parking’).

The boat shed provides great comfort

  • Ideal berth summer and winter;
  • easy manoeuvring;
  • power in vicinity;
  • protection against wind, rain, sun;
  • own parking space – exclusively for ‘residents’ of the boat shed;
  • easy road access via the A1.

Which boats?

The boat shed is suitable for motor boats, sloops, speed boats and yachts (with raised mast) up to 13 metres in length. Maximum access height is 3.5 metres.

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