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Tips for winter storage

The sailing season is unfortunately already over. That means: time for winter storage. Our sheds and the boxing areas slowly drip. After this wonderful summer we hope of course on such a prosperous winter. Below you will find 10 points of attention to be able to enter the water again next season without any problems.

  • Compose a list of jobs that have to be done before the boat leaves the water. Also, decide which jobs you can do yourself and which ones have to have carried out by others.
  • In order to prevent damage caused by storms, it is wise to remove the sails and the genoa. Also check the mooring lines and avoid rattling traps by keeping the traps clear of the mast. This applies to both sailboats in the water and on shore.
  • Drain fresh water tanks and the water heater and fill pumps, tanks, pipes, etc. with a non-toxic antifreeze.
  • Due to safety regulations, it is mandatory to remove gas bottles from the ship before a boat enters the shed. It is not allowed to leave stoves on board.
  • It is wise to take outboard engines and valuable items such as navigation equipment from the ship.
  • To be able to crane safely, we ask you to remove any tarpaulins.
  • Check the sails well for wear. Do they need to be repaired? Bring them to the sailmaker now and do not wait until the spring, because then the waiting time will be longer.
  • Fill the diesel tank until it is completely full, because this prevents condensation in the tank. Change the oil and replace (fuel) filters. Do not forget to make the engine ready for the winter.
  • Place dampers in the boat (and think of emptying the drip tray) and occasionally open everything together to ventilate well.
  • Prevent blockages of the tank drainage. Moisture attracts dirt and gives extra work in the spring.