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From sober municipal port to luxury boat paradise …

It was in the early eighties when Jachthaven Naarden began to take shape. The local rowing and sailing association had been trying for thirty years to get the council to build a marina. Eventually the water reed was cut down and the area beyond the dyke excavated. The result: room for 700 boats and there was a basic play area. Naarden had a marina – but you couldn’t compare it to what we have today.

From humble start to overwhelming success

Though the start was hardly spectacular, the council marina eventually became a great success. It was the only marina in the area and remained so until well into the new millennium. The Stichtsebrug had not yet been built, so large sailing boats had to be moored. Soon investors sensed an opportunity and the level of services and number of berths was soon on the rise. In the year 2000, brick manufacturer Willem Jan den Daas took over the running of the business and turned the marina into what it is today.

Comfort and luxury for total enjoyment

As the years passed, the marina focussed more on luxury and comfort. In the covered boat shed (3500 m2) you now find the most luxurious yachts. The marina is maintained to the highest standards and every berth has Internet access. But having said this, the marina is also home to more modest water sports enthusiasts. Dinghies, optimists, rowing boats.

Meeting the past

Throughout the marina you can still bump into the past. In the restaurant there is a photo of Uncle Thijs at the old café. Function room 't Wiel got its name thanks to the pool of water that was caused during a flood (just behind the main building) and Rowing and Sailing Club Naarden is still housed at the marina. So in some ways, not much has changed.

Experience, enjoy, discover

Jachthaven Naarden is one of the sustainable, full-service Thuishavens operated by Den Daas Recreatie, the parent company in Elst (Gelderland). Although the Thuishavens  are all about water, the parent company actually has its roots in the brick industry. The current owners of Den Daas Recreatie grew up literally next to a brick factory with the smell of warm sand in the air. Their passion and love for bricks, entrepreneurship and nature can be seen in the way the business is run today. Den Daas Recreatie is responsible for servicing and supporting all Thuishavens, so that the marina teams can perform doing what they love best: providing guests with first-class service and an unforgettable experience!