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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

Uninhabited island in the Gooimeer

For those who want to get away completely but don’t want to have to sail too far: visit the Schelp. A day out on an uninhabited island with just water, trees, the beach and the sound of the birds …

A great day out doing nothing

If you have a busy job or too much housework, sometimes you dream of a day doing absolutely nothing. Just gazing across the water, taking a dive every now and then, only knowing the time by the position of the sun. And every now and then grabbing something from the picnic basket.  Five minutes from our marina park you will find this heavenly place. The Schelp consists of two small islands in the shape of two halves of a shell. There is space for around 20 boats – only for day trips.

Tip: Picnic basket needs filling? At the shop Scheepsdief, besides 1001 items of boat equipment, you can buy tasty rolls, milk, wine and snacks. In short, everything you might need to ‘survive’ a day on the Schelp…