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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

Peace, space and nature

The Naardermeer – roughly a 15-minute bike ride from Jachthaven Naarden – is a definite must for anyone who appreciates the Dutch waterways and everything that lives and grows there.

Dutch natural beauty

Cormorants, purple herons, grass snakes and reed bunting fish all breed and can be spotted in the area. There are five points in the nature reserve for (professional) bird watching. While the Dutch clouds pass over the water you can experience the space around you, the natural surroundings and a wonderful sense of calm. A wonderful place to relax for a while. For more information and routes see the website of Natuurmonumenten.


The best way to discover the Naardermeer is on foot or by bike. Bicycles can be rented at the harbour office. To ensure availability of the bikes you can reserve in advance: +31 (0)35 69 56 050. Use of our bikes up to 2 hours use is free for our guests.